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3 Unique benefits of owning corporate real estate.

Corporate real estate ownership can be immensely rewarding due to the passive income treatment, capital gains and tax advantages. Are you amongst those people who have real estate property in your investment portfolio? With the volatility of the stock market at significant levels, the chances of returns are low and therefore the best investment remains with corporate real estate as they offer excellent rewards with minimal risks. Here are the 3 unique benefits of owning such properties-

Expect current income and cash to spend

This remains as one of the biggest advantages due to the fact that such properties are secured by leases and it provides the owner with a regular stream of income which is quite high than any basic stock yields.

Appreciation exceeds your expectations

The appreciation you get in the value for investment is immense and a lot higher than any other form of investment. The value of your property can increase quickly due to the following factors-

  • Cost-effective improvements were done to the property
  • Demand and supply imbalances

Value at its best

Corporate real estate is one of those investments in which there is a unique value. Both the land as well as the structure has a value of its own regardless of the existing tenants. It is for this reason that the value of corporate real estate does not fluctuate like the stock market.

However, if you need assistance in selecting a commercial property then you can always get in touch with KBA, one of the most trusted office space finders in Crawley and Horsham. Our expert agents have a list of amazing real estate opportunities for you to make it a worthy investment. Get in touch with us today!