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Offices to let

Must know Secrets of happy offices to let providers

Most of the people will agree to the fact that putting up your property for rent is never an easy task. It can truly become a headache if you fail to handle it as needed. The practice of putting up your property amongst offices to let options isn’t something that every person is well aware of. There are numerous pointers that are to be kept in mind before renting out the property, or else there can be dire consequences. Some of the basic issues that you might face with the process include-

  • The need of looking for new tenants after every couple of years
  • Misuse of the premise by tenants
  • Non-payment of maintenance fees
  • Delay in paying the monthly rent
  • Refusal to vacate the space

To avoid such hassles, here is a point-wise guide that you need to follow before putting up offices to rent services on your property.

Fix the rent

In this competitive marketplace, it is essential that you firstly fix the rent of the property. You should be well aware of the rates in the market and then set yours accordingly. If you believe that the space you are renting out is well-furnished and at a posh location, you can surely charge more for the same.


In this world of digital advancements, putting up your property online for rent is the easiest thing to do. You need to make sure that you advertise it well enough so that you get leads that are worthy of being your tenants. There are various websites where you can post free ads by simply posting the details about your property. 

Rent agreement

First and foremost thing that you need to do after you have finalised on a tenant is to get started with the legal proceedings. A lease agreement is to be prepared with the tenure of the lease. It will keep you safe from issues such as the ones mentioned earlier in this blog. Also, the rent will be clearly mentioned in the agreement which ensure that you will receive the rent accordingly every month on the decided date.

Background check

You just cannot randomly lease out your property to a stranger. Perform a thorough background check on the person to whom you are renting out in order to be assured of the fact that the person has no criminal past. 

While all of this can seem like a lot of work when it comes to offices to let or rent service, it is must to get these done. However, there is always professional help waiting for you. KBA in Crawley and Horsham is the all encompassing solution to such corporate property requirements. With them by your side, you will surely get the best value for your property. Each and every legal aspect is taken care of by expert professionals from our team thus enabling you to sit back and relax. For more queries and quotes, call us now!